Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, TX: A favorite among international travelers

Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, TX, is a spectacular example of grandeur and elegant beauty. Considered by many to be one of the world’s most unique and beautiful performance halls, Bass Performance Hall has become a beloved icon of the city of Fort Worth and a favorite among international travelers. Information can be found here.

The luxurious hall is located in the heart of downtown Fort Worth on the southeast corner of Fourth and Calhoun Streets. It was designed by celebrated architect David M. Schwarz and opened in May 1998. The exterior design is modeled after a Greek revival temple with Corinthian columns, white marble panels, and a majestic dome. See here for information about City Club of Fort Worth in Fort Worth, TX: Beloved destination for locals and visitors.

The grand building consists of four stories: a lobby, a mezzanine, a backstage, and a large stage. The “Grand Lobby” features eye-catching murals, art deco light fixtures, and an impressive marble staircase. The mezzanine is home to various dressing rooms, offices, and more. The stage is fifty-four feet deep and ninety-six feet wide.