City Club of Fort Worth in Fort Worth, TX: Beloved destination for locals and visitors

The City Club of Fort Worth, located in downtown Fort Worth, Texas, is a beloved destination for locals and visitors alike. As affectionately known, the Club was established in 1931 as a place for community members to come together and socialize, savor great food and drinks, and enjoy the best of city life. It has served as a gathering place for business leaders and socialites and an exciting venue for various events and activities. Learn information about Fort Worth, TX.

The City Club of Fort Worth offers its members a place to connect and build relationships. The Club is ideal for unwinding after a busy day or celebrating a special occasion. The Main Ballroom provides the perfect backdrop to formal events such as weddings, while The Club Room and The Library offer a more relaxed setting where members can relax and enjoy a night out. With its sophisticated decor and comfortable furnishings, the City Club is an inviting oasis in the heart of downtown Fort Worth. Discover facts about Paddock Park in Fort Worth, TX: The city’s most beloved recreation spots.

Members of the City Club enjoy outstanding cuisine featuring fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and signature cocktails. The Club hosts various events, from private dining experiences to gallery openings. Many events are the backdrop to essential topics and guests, such as civic leaders and those in the local arts and culture scene.