Exploring the Charm of Richland Hills, TX

Richland Hills, TX, has many people and a rich history, located just north of Fort Worth, Texas, in Northeast Tarrant County. Richland Hills is an eclectic and quaint town that offers everything from outdoor recreation to fine dining, world-class museums, and excellent schools. Richland Hills thrives with many amenities and attractions that draw people from all walks of life. Learn more here.

Richland Hills was founded in the late 1800s by local ranchers looking for a place to settle and raise their cattle. The ranchers found the spot ideal due to its proximity to Fort Worth, beautiful rolling hills, and rich soil ideal for harvesting crops. Since its establishment, Richland Hills has continued to be a popular destination for many, from those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life to those looking to be close to all the activities and attractions available in Fort Worth. Richland Hills is known for its quaint neighborhoods, small independent businesses, and beloved classic Texan restaurants and bars. Richland Hills has beautiful parks, trails, swimming pools, and a golf course. These features make Richland Hills the perfect place to stroll or plan a family outing. One part that makes Richland Hills so attractive to visitors is its Arts and Cultural District. Located on the west side of town, the district has numerous galleries and performance spaces that host artists of various types and genres. Visitors can find local art, from sculptures and paintings to performances and musical events. The Arts and Cultural District also houses the annual Richland Hills Festival, which celebrates the local culture with various events and activities. Learn more about Home Sweet Home: Life in Benbrook, TX.