Home Sweet Home: Life in Benbrook, TX

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Benbrook is located in the Fort Worth–Arlington metro area of Texas. It was established in the early 1880s and is named after the Benjamin Foster family, who moved to the site in the 1840s. The city is known for its clean, safe, friendly atmosphere and proximity to Fort Worth, just seven miles away. At the heart of Benbrook is its community. Benbrook has long been known as a tight-knit community emphasizing family values and a sense of togetherness. The residents of Benbrook have a strong sense of pride in their city and work hard to make it the best it can be. Benbrook provides its residents with a high quality of life. It is a safe and secure city with well-maintained roads, parks, and amenities. The crime rate in the city is low, and the area is also home to numerous schools, libraries, and hospitals. Benbrook is a great place for young families as it offers excellent educational opportunities and plenty of recreational activities, such as golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, nature trails, and much more. Shopping and dining opportunities in Benbrook are plentiful. Diners can try a variety of authentic Tex-Mex restaurants, Italian restaurants, and seafood restaurants or visit one of the many local restaurants serving classic Southern dishes and BBQ. Retailers have plenty of options as well, with several clothing stores, retail outlets, boutiques, and specialty stores offering a wide selection of items. Benbrook is known for its vibrant entertainment and cultural scene. The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum, located in the city, showcases the history of Texas Rangers in various exhibits. Music and theater performances are commonly held in the city’s historic Bynum-Renshaw Theatre and nearby Community Arts Center. There are also numerous events throughout the year, such as the Benbrook Summer Concert Series and the annual Benbrook Fair & Festival. See here for information about Uncovering the Hidden Treasures in Arlington, TX.