Off-Grid Solar Systems

Off-Grid Solar Systems

Whether there is no existing local electric grid, or if you just want to have no more electricity bills, an off-grid solar system can be the solution. Solar power is a great way for a remote location to produce electricity and take advantage of the plentiful, renewable resource of the sun.


What is an Off Grid System?

To create an off-grid solar system, solar panels are installed and then connected to battery banks. It is key to assess how much power your house needs so a sufficient solar array can be installed and enough battery storage is integrated. Unlike grid tied systems, an off grid solar system cannot use energy from a utility company during periods of low solar power output. Therefore, it’s important to select a solar array and solar batteries that will provide all your energy needs. Also, selecting quality products and ensuring all the parts, like the solar inverter, are up for the task will provide long term clean power for your property.

Supplemental Solar Energy

An off grid solar power system does not have to provide all of a property’s energy needs, and an off grid solar array may be used in combination with gas generators, wind turbines, or other off-grid energy solutions. Often, off-grid solar systems are used in concert with one or more of these to generate all the power your home needs.

Determining Your Power Needs

Generating power with solar panels can help you go off grid. To make sure you select a solar power system and battery bank that supplies all your energy needs without dependence on a power grid, you’ll need to determine your power needs. Calculating the kilowatt hours your home uses can be done by looking at past energy bills or using an online calculator. For example, air conditioning is often one of the largest electricity draws. A calculator can add up all the appliances you want to run, so you’ll be able to make sure your panels produce enough power output and have plenty of batteries to sustain power output even when the sun is not shining. Our consultants will help design a solar power system to suit your home’s needs.


How We Can Help You Go Off-Grid

Reducing your carbon footprint with off grid solar energy may seem complicated. Our solar installation consultants can help you plan an off grid solar system that will provide all the power you need. Whether you want your solar system to power your entire home, or just generate a large portion of your power output needs, we can help plan the system size and solar batteries that will suit you best and source the best solar products for your off grid system.

Battery Bank Options for Your Off Grid Solar Power System

Battery storage is one of the key elements of an off-grid solar system. After all, solar power can only be made when panels are receiving sufficient light from the sun. During foul weather or during the night, the battery bank will supply energy to your home until the solar panels can begin producing energy again. High capacity solar batteries provide electricity consistently.

Lead Acid Batteries

Lead acid batteries are an affordable battery backup option for off grid solar systems. Wet cell lead acid batteries require routine maintenance, while sealed lead acid batteries do not. Lead acid solar batteries are readily available and less expensive than other options. However, these batteries do not have the same depth of discharge capacity as lithium batteries, meaning that you’ll need more to store the same amount of energy.


Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries are a newer technology that is showing great promise for solar energy storage. They have a long life, require minimal maintenance, and ounce for ounce store the largest amount of energy of any battery option available. This efficient electricity storage is why they are a popular choice for homeowners designing off grid solar systems for their home. However, they can be prohibitively expensive.